The fastest way to connect to the Internet is of course ADSL. There are five connection speed plans, and in each case, the download speed is much faster than the upload speed.

Connection speed Data included

Excess Data Charge

Monthly Charge

256K download, 64K upload

500Mb 9.9c/Mb $88.00

512K download, 128K upload

1Gb 9.9c/Mb $121.00

1.5M download, 256K upload

2Gb 9.9c/Mb $181.50

1.5M download, 256K upload

10Gb 9.9c/Mb $198.00
1.5M download, 256K upload premium service 5Gb 8.8c/Mb $286.00

All plans include a static IP address.

Setup fee: $175.00
The premium service provides a layer 3 bridged service backed by a service level agreement for high availability.

All plans require a 12 month contract.
Note that ADSL may not be available in some areas.

All prices include GST.