Individuals or businesses that require their own domain name can access this service through Platform Computing.

We can register your preferred domain name through the best Australian authorities and if it’s suitable and/or available, we will set you up with your .com,, .net, .biz and more!

With your own domain name you can send and receive email from your personal email address or even setup multiple email accounts for family or employees.

Domain name registration is paid in 2 year allotments and you can either purchase your domain name and use it immediately or purchase multiple names and have them forwarding to your main domain name. This can especially be useful if you want your business name to be visible in multiple top level domains (.org, .com,, etc) or if your domain name could be misspelt in several different ways.

Information regarding registrant rights and resonsibilities


Setup Fee: $22.00
Maintenance: $11.00 per month
Registration: Approx. $140.00 per 2 years depending on name.
Registration renewal is now provided for free when combined with web hosting!

All prices include GST.



Important notice from ICANN regarding Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities